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easy3D Your products’ future in 3D

Can you imagine a world without digital media? No? Well, neither can we. Every day, current trends shape a three-dimensional future of our digital world. This development is continuously accelerating day by day. If you intend to exploit this opportunity to the maximum, we can help you to develop a visionary external representation that makes you stand out in the crowd of your competitors.

easy3D 3D modeling with many years of professional experience

easyBoard consists of an exceptional team of experts who have an outstanding level of professional expertise in modelling three-dimensional data at their disposal. Together, we gladly support your endeavors in updating your external representation thinking ahead in order to enhance your pioneering role on a visual level.

To guarantee your success, we combine state-of-the-art technology with the latest and most efficient software solutions to generate three-dimensional models that measure up to the highest standards. Years of research and multi-faceted practical experiences in implementing three-dimensional modelling solutions for our customers enable us to achieve optimal results in a highly efficient manner. Our lead in terms of experience in three-dimensional modelling can become the benefit of your company’s future in the digital age.

    • Think ahead and use your chance in presenting your company as an innovative producer.  Become a trendsetter instead of just following the latest developments.
  • Impress your customers as well as your business partners with eye-catching images of an astonishing quality. Naturally, these images not only appear to be of a three-dimensional shape but are ready to be turned around and zoomed in on from any angle.

  • Make today your first of many days in the evolution of three-dimensional product presentation and start to impress your customers right now.

  • Naturally, taking the next step towards a three-dimensional product presenting revolution is more than an attractive visual feature. It furthermore contains numerous practical benefits by enabling your customers and business partners to purposefully zoom in on even the tiniest of details that your products contain – regardless of any angles. This way, easyBoard makes your product more approachable for customers who know what they are looking for.

360 ° views for your online catalog.

easy3D Download now and try

Here you will find a presentation of our service 3D modeling with some sample models (which you can already rotate & zoom freely in all directions with your mouse or touchpad).

Download 3DModelling_easyBoard_GmbH.pdf (4.57 MB)

To view the sample files in the 3D modeling presentation, Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.1 or higher is required (download the latest version: http://get.adobe.com/reader/ download free of charge).

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