Professional Shelving - the simple way

easyBoard Professional Shelving - the simple way

easyBoard is our software solution regarding all aspects of product placement, designed by professionals to meet the needs of professionals. easyBoard gets all kinds of jobs done automatically - offering a clearly structured, fast, efficient, and appealling 3D visualization of your product range.

We offer a vast range of shelving solutions – from simple single shelves to complex shelve solutions and individual presentation aids imported from the Tegometall-catalogue. With these integrated standards, we empower you to access our database from your laptop, home computer, or tablet device. This way, you direct the product placement process of your company from wherever you are – saving precious time to invest in your other endeavors.

  • Fotorealistische Darstellung

    Your spacemanagement in 3D

  • Gain time

    through fast and flexible planning of product presentations

  • Design possibilities

    e.g. Complex bearing systems

  • Intuitive User Interface

    without the restrictions of individual functionalities

  • A representative appearance

    in listing discussions with professional design proposals

  • Software adaptations

    of customer requirements

  • Precise calculation / budgeting

    of quantities and costs

  • Problem-free data exchange

    of consistent formats, e.g. PDF, XLS and CSV

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easyBoard With us is the name program

Already during the planning of our shelf planning software easyBoard, we have set ourselves the ultimate goal of making the user interface as easy and intuitive to use as possible. This project has been continuously pursued in the development phase, since nothing is more unproductive than a tool that nobody wants to use. Therefore, our focus was constantly on developing a planogram software, whose operation and possibilities provide the user with pleasure instead of headaches.

easyBoard Because 3D leaves a lasting impression

Another distinctive feature of the competition comparison is the consistent implementation of real 3D representations. Not only cubes with images are displayed on our shelves, but also real 3D models, which can be rotated or zoomed in all directions. Underline your overall pioneering role in the future with impressive planograms in 3D.

easyBoard Together everything is easier

Since our customers are active in a wide range of industries, additional and new requirements are constantly being applied to our software. We live the service ideas and are therefore always open to develop and adapt our software together with you in general or in special cases.

Do you know another provider who is willing to adapt his software to your needs?

Planogramm Online

PlanoOnline - this is how shelf planning works today Ready-made planograms available to everyone - everywhere

All planograms can be put online immediately and just in time. Your sales will thank you because it is best prepared for upcoming discussions with the customer. And your key account is glad about the latest information on the planogram situation, merchandising measures and current costs.