Hand your consumers the tools for localizing your products precisely. By that you lay the foundation for offering your consumers the possibility to order products from your market online in case they run out of any articles.

Introducing the problem We know all the following situation

Entering a DIY superstore or any other sales area, your consumers frequently look out for a certain product, i.e. a special sort of screws. Usually he finds himself facing a huge wall containing hundreds of different kinds of screws in unfamiliar boxes, trying to find the one sort of screw he is looking for. In doing so, he will probably walk up and down the shelves numerous times, and in case he doesn’t succeed, he will try to find a capable and friendly sales assistant to help him find the screw he wants. Easier said than done in times of thin workforces. The result are frustrated consumers who might leave your store without ever finding what they wanted.

Presenting the solutio Here`s where easyGet@ starts

Whether you sell groceries, kitchen ware, tools, or ironmongery/hardware: easyGet@ offers your customers a unique service guiding them directly to the product they want. Without wasting time, without having to ask for assistance – and without any doubt.

Providing your customers with this service is as easy as it gets using state-of-the-art technology – a technology that your customers already know and use every day: They simply need to scan a QR-code using their smartphones or tablets to promptly see the exact shelf they are facing. By then adding a few precise target words, i.e. the sort of article they are looking for, the manufacturer, the material, or the diameter, your customers will find the article they were looking for in no time – marked in color on the digital shelf they are looking at.

Celebrating the result A chain of products and satisfied customers

In addition to leading the way to the products your customers were looking for, easyGet@ offers a vast range of linked products that fit their purchases. Additional products and appropriate articles that might help your customers complete their tasks are at hand on your customers’ own devices – using easyGet@ to find them in the blink of an eye. And what is a comfortable solution for your customers, is supporting you as well – measurable by increased earnings.

As a result, your business faces satisfied customers, who find precisely what they are looking for to complete their tasks. Ans satisfied customers – as you are well aware – will return to your store gladly.

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