easyShape@: Aiding your sales in field service

easyShape@ The 3D sales support for your field service

easyShape@ enables the visualization of your products and your display where it takes place – in the retail area of your customers. Astonishing? By no means, just good old latest technology! You simply take a picture of your customer’s retail area – i.e. using your tablet device – and in the blink of an eye you place your products exactly where they look best, driving sales by optimizing display areas. Whether concerning floor, counter, shelve or palette displays – place your products where they attract customers.

In addition to that, easyShape@ is a highly comfortable tool and very adjustable – you want to place your product a little more on the left, or want to refer it to a completely different area, presenting it from a more suitable angle? Consider it done. Using the easyShape@ software, you and your customers can feel free to rearrange your products together, driving sales significantly. Its unique and easy to use features make easyShape@ the perfect tool for field service, putting emphasize on your every argument while talking business. It will help you win your customers over while saving time and effort as installation is not necessary – and neither are long and complicated explanations. A tool just as hands-on as you are!

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